We have been commissioned by The Starset Society to spread broad awareness of The Message through music and media.

The Message contains the knowledge necessary to spare the future of humanity, and we will do whatever we must to inform the public.

Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly.

ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : freedom
The Society's Public Outreach Committee has determined that the followers of STARSET are a key element in the promotion of the Message.


The Message will be released when the audience has grown to significant numbers.

For the time being, the most effective way to grow these numbers is to inform the public of STARSET.

There is no wrong way to achieve this.

Your promotion on social media is paramount at this time. Also, informing even a single group of associates can further the spread of awareness, which will eventually lead to the successful release of the Message.

Please DO YOUR PART. We MUST NOT let the USCOO succeed.

Please click on your state to find ways that you can help to promote in your area.


We are commissioned by The Starset Society. Our mission requires immediate attention and action for successful results.

If you are compelled by our message, join our team on Earth today

The future is now, the consequences are dire, the hope is real.

ignorance : slavery :: knowledge : freedom

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