Collective of Industrialists Formed

The group which eventually became the USCOO was formed in NYC by JP Morgan. They met in the basement of the Manhattan Club until their incorporation in the goverment in the 1950s.

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Tesla's first claim of extraterrestrial signal

Tesla first claimed to have discovered a signal from space in 1901 in an editorial with Collier's Weekly

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The Mysterious Event Occurs at Wardenclyffe

According to recently discovered information, the single greatest moment of the twentieth century may have occurred on December 31, 1910. And it almost didn't happen at all.

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Tesla Rumored to Have Founded Secret Group With Marconi

After discovering the Signal, Tesla is believed to have founded the Order of Teslonia, dedicated to the aquisition, decoding, and understanding of the Signal.

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Order of Teslonia Receives and Decodes the Message

Recently discovered documents claim that the Signal struck Earth again on 1/1/1945, and the Order of Teslonia was able to decode and save the Message contained within it.

January 2, 1945

COI Ramps Up Espionage Efforts

Fearful of what the Order of Teslonia may have learned from the Message, the Collective of Industrialists (soon to be USCOO) increased their efforts to spy on the Order.

March 3, 1945

US Capitalism Oversight Organization is formed

Championing defense against communism, the COI gains government inclusion, renaming itself the USCOO.

May 22, 1956

NASA Intercepts the Signal

NASA inadvertantly picked up the Signal in 1979. The USCOO is believed to have confiscated it the next day. It is likely that this is when the USCOO first obtained the Message.

December 31, 1979

Letter sent from Dr. Gregor

Radio Astronomer Dr. Gerhard Gregor sends a letter to Dr. Steven Browning at the Allen Telescope Array, telling him to conduct a scan on New Years Day 2013.

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The Anomaly Occurs

Following Dr. Gregor's order, Dr. Browning discovers and captures an anomalous signal at the Allen Telescope Array. The signal seems to be coming from Bernard's star in the Ophiuchus Constellation. More surprising is that it appears to be of human origin.

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Dr. Wise and Dr. Browning on the run

The Message arrived at The Starset Society on Jan 2nd. Soon after, armed members of the USCOO arrived. Browning and Wise were just barely able to escape. They spent the next two weeks attemtping to figure out the contents and origination of the Message while avoiding the powerful USCOO, a group whose reason for existence has only recently been revealed.

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USCOO dealt crippling blow by members of The Starset Society and others

The Starset Society's knowledge did not come freely. On January 15, several brave men and women gave their lives to check the power of the USCOO. With the USCOO temporarily weakened, we have been given a window with which to spread the Message and destroy the USCOO once and for all. More importantly, we must utilize this opportunity to secure our future.

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TSS Public Outreach Program begins

The warnings contained within the Message, coupled with the dangerous developments which have occurred since its receipt left the Starset Society with no other choice but to warn and educate the public itself. On January 26, the TSS Public Outreach Program commensed. Its goal was to inform across all demographics.

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Search for STARSET

Realizing a large swath of the public could be reached through a large scale music project, Dr. Wise tasked assistant Lara Godfrey with finding talented musicians of scientific background capable of building a large public network for future dissemination of the Message. On February 26th the band was completed. The style and content of the recordings was predetermined, since almost all of it had been included in the Message.

February 26, 2013

STARSET releases first video.

As part of the initial phase of their public outreach, STARSET releases a video to begin amassing the crowd which will eventually receive the Message and spread its warning.

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STARSET releases My Demons partial TRANSMISSION

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STARSET releases 2nd lyric video for 'My Demons'

The video depicts a replication of the Teslascope which Tesla may have utilized in obtaining the Signal.

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